Baptist Bits and Resources

What was that acronym again? We can help you sort out all of the Baptist groups and associations in our area, and nationwide!

Baptist News and Information Resources:

Associated Baptist Press news service.

Baptist Center for Ethics, Ethics

Baptists Today.

Baptist World Alliance.

European Baptist Federation.

Mainstream Baptists.

Christian Ethics Today.

Mercer Center for Baptist Studies—this site featured in the January 2008 edition!

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, CBF.

Coleen Burroughs' Sermon at CBFV, Moon Shot Generation.

Heritage Seekers:

Heritage Seekers is a new magazine publication by the Virginia Baptist Heritage and Historical Society that seeks to teach Baptist history and heritage to children. Each edition comes with a family discussion guide.

Entertainment Rating:

Ethics Daily (the online imprint of the Baptist Center for Ethics), has a Movies, Books, and Culture section on its site that can help with evaluating and understanding some of the issues behind some of the more popular options on the market.

Theology Resources

We are posting some theological resources based on materials developed for teaching in Brasil, as well as documents prepared for local church ministry in Virginia.

Recursos Teológicos em Português

Aqui temos alguns materiais teológicos elaborados em português durante anos de ministério missionário no Brasil.

Recursos Teológicos en Español

Aqui tenemos algunos materiales teológicos en español.

Material Teológico de la Dra. Carolyn Plampin

Aquí está material teológico elaborado por la misionera Dra. Carolyn Plampin. Como ela faleciou en outubro de 2010, seu filho cedeu-me o privilegio de acrescentar o seu material a

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