Katrina Journal
Slidell, LA — September 2005

Gifts of Grace

(On returning from a disaster relief trip to aid those affected by Hurricane Katrina, Luke 6:20-38)

		A case of water, loaf of bread,
		     a tarp for roofing overhead,
		A sharpened chainsaw, blanket, sheet,
		     a room to hunker down in sleep,
		A hand extended, smile and tear,
		     a hug, an ever-listening ear—
		These gifts so simple mean so much
		     to those who come through danger’s touch.
The gospel bids us share the grace and blessings God has giv’n, To brighten with a smile each face in need of light from heav’n. The wealth we claim is not our own— ‘tis granted all from God above. While others reap of that we’ve sown, we feast upon the Father’s love.

A steaming meal, a drink, a smile to ease a long and weary mile, For friends who labor till the sun declares a rest when day is done. We speak of storms and damage, true, but there’s a spark of something new As peace from God shines through a face freed to rejoice in gifts of grace.

—©Copyright 2005 Christopher B. Harbin

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