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Deoclécio's Story

While teaching at the seminary extension center in Camaquã, I met a new student, Deoclécio. He had been a christian for only a short while, but was very interested in learning all he could about God, the Bible, and theoloty. As a new Christian, he was offered the task of teaching an adult Sunday School class, for he was determined to learn and apply himself to the task.

Not long after Deoclécio began studying with me, he invited me to come to his home after class for a churrasco.[1]. As I was making a 2 1/2 hour drive to teach from 7:30 to 10:30 PM, I put him off the first couple of times, telling him that my wife was waiting for me at home. We finally made plans for a future week.

Deoclécio did not come to class on the appointed night, but he had left instructions for me to find his home. I arrived around 11:00PM, to find him finishing up preparations to get the meat on the grill. He had been busy preparing for my coming, but not by doing the cooking. He had been working on preparing his questions of theology and the Bible. He had purchased several books I had made available, and was eager for the chance to have his many questions answered.

After several hours of question and answer, I turned to him to say, "Deoclécio, I really need to get some sleep."

"Oh, pastor. I know, it's just that before I was a Christian, I would stay up all night gambling. It wouldn't be until 6:00 AM that I got home. When I woke up, my first question would be, 'Did I win or lose?' Now that I know Christ Jesus, I want to make up for lost time getting to know him better."

At 6:00 AM, he then showed me to a bedroom, where I took a nap before heading back home to my family. Would that more of us were as eager as Deoclecio to know God and serve him with our all!

—©Copyright 2007 Christopher B. Harbin

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1 Churrasco is a Brasilian style of grilling meat over an open flame.

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