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Angel's Story

The pastor of Iglesia Bautista Emanuel in Xalapa was hearing testimony of a family of candidates for baptism. We had come to know and been discipling them during the time we had been working in Xalapa, but he did not really know them. Their son wanted to be baptized as well, but the pastor considered him too young for that kind of commitment and profession of faith.

Sensing that knowing Angel's story a little better would give the pastor a better background for assessing Angel's faith, I pulled him aside to share the story.

Angel had come on his own to the Vacation Bible School at the mission of Emanuel. Interested in what he was learning, he convinced first one, the the other of his sisters to come to Sunday school with him. His father was working in the US, but he began inviting his mother until she finally came with them to church. One by one, his family accepted Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior. When his father returned fromt he US, he began inviting him to church as well. Eventually, Chucho gave in, came to church, and gave his life to Christ Jesus.

Chucho's family was not pleased. Angel's grandparents told him, "Angel, if you don't stop going to church and talking about Jesus, we are going to disown you. You have to choose between Jesus and us. If you keep going to church, you will no longer be our grandson."

Angel responded, "I love you and don't want to lose you as my grandparents. I can't turn my back on Jesus and the church, however. I am sorry that I will have to just tell you good-bye."

The grandparents changed their minds when they saw that Angel was seriously committed to his faith in Christ Jesus. The pastor decided that this was a sufficient profession of Angel's faith and commitment. If all our church members displayed the same quality of faith as this seven-year-old, we would also be worthy of bearing the name of Christ.

—©Copyright 2007 Christopher B. Harbin

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