Poverty Alleviation Mission Projects

Looking for a mission project for yourself or a small group? Here is a list of suggestions prepared for First Baptist Church of Huntersville, NC. This is a work in progress, so I am updating regularly right now.

Then Came the Water: A Story of Community Development and the impact of a small-bore well on a child and her entire community (pdf version)

Water Works for Malawi Gardens

This missions story appeared in the New Era Progress and the Religious Herald.

Harbin Missions History

Chris and Karen worked for years in Brasil and Mexico. Their last focus was on work among the Traditionalist Gaśchos in the southern tip of Brasil. As they have been asked several times to share from their experiences and work among the Traditionalist Gaśchos, they have prepared several powerpoint presentations on Gaścho religion, culture, and the challenge of meeting the Traditionalist Gaśchos with the gospel of Christ Jesus.

Mission Stories— In recounting missionary experience, here are stories of the Harbins' mission work overseas. Chris and Karen also have worked in disaster relief ministries post-Katrina. Here are several stories from their disaster relief ministry experiences.

—Christopher B. Harbin, pastor

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