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TheoTrek —updated: 22 February 2015

Charla Sobre Inmigración 07 de Marzo de 2015. 6:30pm

Realizaremos una segunda charla sobre inmigración con abogados de inmigración y auxilio por la coalición Latinoamericana de Charlotte. Venga para informarse referente a las nuevas propuestas del presidente de los EUA referente a DACA y DAPA.

Poverty Alleviation Mission Projects

Looking for a mission project for yourself or a small group? Here is a list of suggested opportunities to find appropriate involvement in poverty alleviation ministries ranging from Microfinance, to Fair Trade, to Community Development, to personal service and adopting local families in need. While there are many non-faith programs targeting the issue of poverty alleviation, I am attempting to highlight opportunities that merge faith and poverty alleviation along the lines of principles of Matthew 25.

More than a Goal

Like this site, faith is more than a static goal for which we yearn. Faith is a journey in which we experience God and seek to surrender our lives to God's will. Join with us on this journey of faith. We will attempt to dialogue about issues that make faith more than a static recitation of facts. We will question how the gospel impacts our lives, sharing that journey of grappling with the issues of faith.

We hope to raise questions, struggle with issues, and seek relevance in our experiential journey of faith. Bear with us as we structure this site, even as God continues to mold our lives.

Faith, after all, concerns things like character, dependence, and interdependence. It is so much more than a goal we might reach. It is more like the very journey itself—the experience of letting go of self in order for God to live through our lives.

We invite you to journey with us. We hope it will challenge you. We hope it will encourage you. We hope it will stretch you. The path we will take will not be without its bumps, twists, and turns. It will not all be easy going. If it were so, it would make no difference in our lives. As we journey together in this venture called faith, we should all be transformed.

Are you up to the challenge of living life on the edge of eternity? Real faith is not for the faint of heart. We will not know where the journey will take us. We are committed to the trek. Will you join us?

—Christopher B. Harbin, pastor

TheoTrek Site News

Looking for a mission project for yourself or a Sunday School class? Here is a list of suggestions prepared for First Baptist Church of Huntersville, NC.

We are currently serving with First Baptist Church of Huntersville, NC, where Chris is Associate Pastor for Latino Ministries.

Lenten and Easter Devotional readings have been included in the theotrek Scripture Index, as well as on the sermons page.

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Drop us a line and let us know what you think about the site. Thanks for surfing by!

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